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Are you looking for the most affordable health insurance options this year or 2020?

If you become disabled, will you have the ongoing income to cover your bills?


When you pass away, will your family have the financial security to cover all expenses?

Do you have coverage in the event of a health or accidental emergency?

Do you know someone that is about to turn 65?

Will you be traveling or moving overseas?

Insurance services for whichever need yo

 Insurance agent Miami

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As an insurance consultant licensed in Florida since 1998, I understand how confusing insurance can be, and the struggle most people experience in finding the right plan without feeling pressured. I am here to make the process simple and guide you, so you can find the solutions that fit your specific needs. Most importantly save you time, money and doing so with integrity, simplicity, and friendliness.

Make the call or send me a message. Let me assist you in finding the right fit for your specific needs by simplifying the process. I look forward to having the opportunity to know you and to be of service now or at a future time.  

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Seguros de Salud y Vida para protejerse usted y su familia.

Life and Health Insurance to protect yourself and loved ones.

Insurance Services provided in Miami and throughout Florida.