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The 2021 ACA HEALTH INSURANCE enrollment period has ended!   

What is an ACA plan: The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act" also known as ACA/or Obamacare, and the enrollment period started Nov. 1st and ended Dec. 15th. All the policies selected during the enrollment period become effective on January 1st, 2021.   

Health Insurance options at this point: A short term plan (must qualify based on health) or if you have a Special Life circumstance ( loss of insurance through work, marriage, divorce, moving from a different state, or new immigration status...which will give you 60 days to enroll in an ACA Plan.

Note: Short Term Plans, TriTerm Medical plans are NON-ACA compliant. ACA and Short Term plans have different regulations.

Keywords that represent your out of pocket responsibility when you use medical services: Copay - Deductible - Coinsurance.

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