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" The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act" known as ACA/Obamacare 2020 enrollment period ended. 

The next ACA enrollment period for 2021 will begin Nov. 1st and will end on Dec. 15th.  

Special Enrollment:

You can apply for an ACA plan during the rest of the year if you have a life-changing event (Marriage, Divorce, loss of coverage via work, the birth of a child, moved from another state, or have a change in your

immigration status...etc.)


Health Coverage AVAILABLE NOW:

Tri-Term or Short-Term health insurance plans. You can apply during the year, but you must qualify by answering a medical questionnaire.  



Note: Short Term Plans, TriTerm Medical plans are NON-ACA compliant. ACA and Short Term plans have different regulations.



ACA plans VS NON-ACA plans - keep reading. 


A brief summary:


Obamacare is simply a nickname for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (commonly shortened to the Affordable Care Act or ACA), health care reform legislation which was passed under President Obama.


Obamacare in 2020:  With President Trump in office and making changes that impact the Affordable Care Act, is this still the law? Is the ACA still nicknamed Obamacare, or do we now have Trumpcare? Yes, it is still called ObamaCare, not Trumpcare. There is no formal law associated with Trumpcare, however, it generally applies to the Trump administration’s moves to dismantle the ACA.  



For people that choose not to apply for health insurance, during the enrollment period, it is important to know that once the enrollment period ends you will not be able to get the insurance that covers pre-existing conditions at a later time unless you have a "Special Enrollment/Change of Life Circumstance". The policies that cover pre-existing conditions are the "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Law", also known as ACA and/or ObamaCare.

If you are a Florida resident and you are interested in applying for a Short Term Medical plan give me a call or send me a message and I will gladly provide you with the information, quotes and help you apply.


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