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UPDATE 2021 - ObamaCare is back! - The SPECIAL ENROLLMENT period started February 15 and will end May 15.


Low monthly payments

In Florida, many customers pay less than $50 per month for coverage.

The amount you pay monthly for your coverage will vary depending on where you live, the size of your household, your income, and other factors. Get an instant quote,  Find out if you qualify!

What is an ACA plan: The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act" also known as ACA/or Obamacare, and the regular enrollment period started Nov. 1st and ended Dec. 15th. All the policies selected during the enrollment period became effective January 1st, 2021. NEW Executive order: President Biden signed an executive order amid Covid-19, which now opens up a new opportunity to enroll in an ACA/ObamaCare plan. It started Feb.15th and will end on May 15th.  

Benefits of having an ACA plan: The plans cover pre-existing conditions, mental health, preventive exams, maternity, and much more. Find out if you qualify for financial assistance that will help you reduce your monthly costs significantly.


Other Health Insurance options:  Short term plan (must qualify based on health)  Note: Short Term Plans, TriTerm Medical plans are NON-ACA compliant. ACA and Short Term plans have different regulations.

Important KEYWORDS to pay attention to when you are selecting a plan, these are the ones that represent your out-of-pocket responsibility when you use medical services: Copay - Deductible - Coinsurance.

 Get your free instant quote here, but one of the best ways to find out what is the best fit for you and your life circumstances is to call for a free consultation. 

  My top priority is to provide services with integrity, simplicity, and friendliness.

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Miami Health Insurance

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