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Finding health coverage in Florida.

The new 2022 enrollment period for ObamaCare or Affordable Care Act plans, started November 1st and will end January 15th. 

Signing up for Health Insurance is a good decision: because it protects YOU financially in the event of a sudden illness or accident; without the coverage, you may end up getting stuck with sky-high bills if you end up in an emergency room visit or have to be hospitalized.

The #1 reason for having health insurance is to have an emergency room and hospitalization coverage, which will be highly costly.  

For the 2022 enrollment: The amount you will pay per month for your health insurance in Florida will vary depending on the zip code, how many in your family (dependents, filing taxes together), and the annual expected income for the year in which you are applying for coverage. Many people are benefiting and paying around $50 or even less per month. Thanks to "The American Rescue Plan" signed by President Biden, people that did not qualify in the past can NOW benefit from this financial assistance.  

Why choose my services:  TO SIMPLIFY the process. Many individuals believe that the process of buying health insurance can be complicated and overwhelming. I have assisted many individuals and families for the past 23 years by simplifying the process. I invite you to call today! I will listen to your specific needs,  then will evaluate, and guide you to the options and solutions that are the best fit for your current situation.

My services will save you time. and offer you solutions based on what specifically matters to you.  I give you the best recommendations, options, and you make the right decision. Having me as your personal agent, I will complete the application; then will follow up until the process is complete.

Nuggets of information:

What does ACA mean?: It is"The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act" Law, also known as Obamacare. These types of policies have much more coverage than NON-ACA plans.   

Some of the many benefits of having an ACA plan: These plans cover pre-existing conditions, mental health, free annual preventive exams, maternity, and much more. Thanks to the NEW law, many individuals and families qualify for health insurance financial assistance, which lowers the monthly payments significantly.  You can also choose a private plan without any financial help. 

Health Insurance KEYWORDS to pay attention to when you are selecting a plan, these represent your out-of-pocket responsibility when you use medical services: Copay - Deductible - Coinsurance- Maximum-out- of pocket.

 For 2022 there will be more options than in prior years. Call today and find out what is the best fit for you. Just so you know, the consultation and services do not cost you anything, agents are compensated directly by the insurance companies. 

 With 23 years of experience and expertise, my top commitment is to assist and provide, quality service with integrity, simplicity, and friendliness.      "Treat others as you like to be treated".

The first step to being insured is to make the call!


I look forward to the opportunity to be your insurance representative.

 Maria Defillo

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Maria Defillois an Independent -Agent/Broker,  that will help you to understand your Health Insurance options and to complete your (ObamaCare or The Affordable Care Act) application, and enroll in the best marketplace plan that's a good fit based on your specific needs. 

 Florida License #A297431

Located in Miami and provides services throughout the entire State of Florida, and Georgia.

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